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KRANE AMG 750 Multi-Mode Folding Longbed Cart

KRANE AMG 750 Multi-Mode Folding Longbed Cart


The AMG 750 Multi-Mode Folding Longbed Cart from Gruv Gear is a compact but heavy-duty smart hauler, which quickly transforms from its folded mode into a 4-wheeler cart that can be pushed or pulled, a multi-maneuverable tower cart, or a long bed "u-boat" cart that boasts a zero radius turn capability, thanks to its large center wheels supporting the load.

The AMG 750 is designed for the working DJ, drummer, or anyone who has to haul large amounts of gear from venue to venue. Even so, the AMG 750 has a limited lifetime warranty. The cart comes complete with two built-in anti-slip carpeted decks so your gear securely stays on board - up to 750 lb of it!

  • Three carts in one: a 4-wheel cart that can be pushed or pulled, a 4-wheel tower cart, or a 6-wheel longbed "u-boat" cart with zero radius turning

    Solid, lightweight wheels with no worries of tires ever going flat


    6 wheels means full weight support and no center sag


    Huge loading area for less trips which makes load ins and outs easier


    Built-in decks create a convenient flat surface for all size equipment


    Switching between the three modes is a snap, thanks to the patent-pending handle design


    Compact folded position doesn't take much space in your vehicle and fits into most trunks and even front seats


    Can be used as a maneuverable speaker tower cart


    With an optionally purchased accessory, the cart can transform into a laptop workstation for your laptop, mixer, speakers, and other gear


    Large 8" / 203 mm never flat wheels and 4" / 102 mm heavy-duty smooth-swivel casters


    750 lb / 340 kg maximum load capacity

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