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A series of videos for good, curated by you, created by us.


Filmmaking is about sharing stories, feeling emotions, sparking conversations and inspiring change. It takes time and money to create videos and as a result many stories never make it to the screen to reach the wider audience they deserve. We're asking our peers to submit video ideas that could inspire hope, spread goodness, and shed light on topics untold. Every year we’ll volunteer our time and resources to create one project from the submissions. Our goal for the Vista Project is to expand one’s viewpoint and offer a fresh perspective through visual storytelling.

OUR 2023

We teamed up with Humble Design Chicago this year to help tell their story. Humble Design changes lives and communities by custom designing and fully furnishing home interiors for individuals, families, and veterans emerging from homelessness. We did a deep dive into their Day of Joy project, where Gensler Chicago pitched in to design a fantastic home for a deserving family. The video screened at their Welcome Home event on October 5th. 

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No vista is too vast.


Once selected, we'll concept a short video based on your vision using documentary and narrative filmmaking techniques.

We Produce

Collaborating throughout the process, you and your team will be invited on set to see your vista come to life.

We Share

Once your project is complete it's time to give your video the spotlight it deserves. From social media to screenings we'll work with you to come up with a plan to share it with the world.


Thanks for submitting! We'll contact you if your idea is selected.

1: a distant view through or along an avenue or opening

2: an extensive mental view 

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