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Sony 128GB XQD 440MB/s G Series Memory Card

Sony 128GB XQD 440MB/s G Series Memory Card


The Sony 128GB XQD 440MB/s G Series is a high-speed, high-capacity XQD memory card that’s designed for 4K video capture. Key features include:

  • Supports 4K video capture

  • 440MB/s read speed; 400MB/s write speed

  • Continuous RAW still-image shooting

  • EB streaming support for stable, high-speed recording

Supports 4K Recording. The XQD 2.0 format fully supports 4K video capture, providing up to 40 minutes of 4K XAVCIntra 422 @ 60p (600Mbps). Actual recording time may vary depending on camcorder model.

440MB/s Read; 400MB/s Write. By using the advanced PCIe Gen2 interface, the XQD 2.0 cards offer much faster read/write speeds than previous-generation XQD cards. This ensures not only secure and stable recording with no dropped frames, but uninhibited continuous RAW still image shooting as well.

Reliable Storage. While Compact Flash memory cards use a multiple-pin interface, the Sony 128GB XQD 440MB/s G Series adopts a variation of the PCIe computer interface. This means no bent pins or warped pin holes, making the format more reliable.

EB Stream. EB streaming support allows a constant two-way communication between camera and card, meaning you get stable recording without taking a speed hit.

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